Branch of Air Traffic Control Services

Branch of Air Traffic Control Services



Hava Trafik Kontrol Şube Amiri (a)


İrtibat: 0 392 231 46 38

0 392 600 51 00 Dahili: 5118

The Purpose Of Air Traffic Control:

Teh purpose of Air Traffic Control is maneuver between planes to prevent collisions with airplanes between mania and in the field of air traffic to help  Fast, Safe and orderly traffic.

Air Traffic Control Services Provided In Our Country

There are 3 main categories in order to maintain safe, orderly and minimum delay traffic service in the Ercan Advisory air space.

1. Area Control Center (ACC): Service  provided to controlled flights in control area,

2. Approach (APP): Service  provided to in one or more landing/takeoff controlled flights

3. Tower (TWR): Service  provided to all aircraft flying and maneuver in the controlled zone

Currently 42 personel working in shifts to prove Air Traffic Services at Ercan Air Traffic Department working 24/7 to insure safety of Ercan Advisory Airspace.

After being accepted bu the Public Service Commision the candidates goes to Ankara DHMI Esenboğa for a 12 month basic Air Traffic control course. Succesful candidates will take a step forward to becaming an air traffic controller.

It is necessary to have maximum attention, practical intellegence, speed, three dimensional thinking and the ability to make the right choice along with knowledge of english and computer to became an air traffic controller.