First Electronics Engineers

First Electronics Engineers



Born in Famagusta in 1951. Completed his first and secondary education in Famagusta. After finishing his military service he graduated from İstanbul Technical University, Faculty of  Electrical Engineering, Department of  Electronics and Communication'' in the period of February 1975. He  started his civil service 1 April 1975 and he worked till 15 September 1996. During his 21 years in CAU he worked in Civil Aviation Department as electronics engineer, Chief Electronics Engineer, Superintendent of Technical Affaires  of Department and at the and as the Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Department. He worked in different ministries between the dates of 1996 - 1999 until his retirement.








Özcan Bundak was born in the town of  Paphos in 1948. She completed primary school , secondary school and High School in Limassol. She graduated from Istanbul Technical University as an Electronics Engineer. After graduation, she worked in Istanbul for a while. After the 1974 peace operation, she returned to Cyprus and worked as an Electronics Engineer at the Civil Aviation Office since April 1, 1975. The First Female Electronics Engineer, including both Turkish and Greek Cypriot sides of  Cyprus. 1994-2010 worked as an executive in a private company. From this date, she is retired. The First Female Engineer Özcan Bundak, spends her spare time contributing to the activities of associations and plays golf.







He was born in Nicosia in 1950.  He completed his primary and secondary education in Nicosia. He worked as a technician for more than two years on Bayrak Radio during his military service. He graduated from Middle East Technical University Electrical and Electronics Department in June 1973 as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. 1974 - 1975 after working at the American radio station in Alsancak for a year, 1 April 1975, he moved to the Civil Aviation Autority. During his career at the Civil Aviation Department, he went to the USA with Fulbright scholarship and received his master's degree in the University of Florida in 1979-1980.  Master's thesis “Instrument Landing Systems” (ILS) and specially designed a special ILS antenna system for Ercan airport. After his master's degree, he worked in Civil Aviation until November 1, 1986 and separated from the civil servants and established his own private business. He was the chair of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers for five years during the Civil Service and in the following years.   He worked as a project engineer and coordinator in SOS Childreen Village Foundation and was the founding president of the association. From the beginning of 1987 when he was appointed to private business, he continues to work in the company where he has been a partner to date. Dincer of age, is married and has two daughters and three grandchildren.