Branch of Aerodrome Communication Services

Branch of Aerodrome Communication Services



Communications Branch Chief

Phone: 0 392 600 51 00 - Internal: 5319


Purpose of the department of communication

  The safety of International Air Navigation, Order, and efficiency of aeronautical information/data and to ensure the flow of communication. The challenge for Communication Officers, pre-flight and flight all that are needed in all phases of aeronautical information/data of the format specified by ICAO, electronic drafting. safe to fulfill the task of timely publication and distribution plays an important role in the realization of the flight.

Duties of the Department of Communication:

1.The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations and communication between stations in accordance with local regulations.

2.Used to check the appropriateness of accepting flight plans by addressing through the system and makes it easy to broadcast.

3.Follow the developments related to the required message and the flight plan (DEP, ARR, DLA, CHG, CNL) addressing published by

4.Keep all of service systems functioning, will attempt to the elimination of the defect in case of malfunction as soon as possible.

5.NOTAM preparation, publication, and ensures the timely delivery to the required units should be cancelled and that of their neighboring countries NOTAM.

6.The correction of incorrect flight plan data in the system, falling through the procedures ensures that are acquired by the system.

7.Clears statistical information about the flights and the messages in the list, and shall where required by the preparation.

Vision of Aerodome Communications Department:

Following the latest technology Under ICAO rules and the system in international air navigation and to have a respected position in the international aviation community to ensure compliance.