Branch of Aerodrome Operation Services

Branch of Aerodrome Operation Services



OBJECTIVE: Fulfillment of the service to provide uninterrupted and safe passenger circulation and passenger control and PAT field smooth continuation rights protection is among the main purposes of  Ercan Airport branch of aerodrome operation unit.

REMITS:  Fod control of runway apron and taxiways ,control of the coating condition, runway apron taxiway lines of control.

-Pat areas observe the proper functioning of the lighting system and the activation of the relevant technical units in case of failure.

-By air, land combat plans and implementation supervision for the entire square.

-Wildlife and bird fighting procedures check.

-Supervision of apron traffic rules.

-The provision of training and business for Apron traffic.

-Give licence to personal who succeed in training for Apron driver's license.

-In control of the operating licence of airlines with service organizations(tools,equipment,hardware and adequacy of personnel). Control of the licenses of the technical personnel.

-Annex 14 criteria within the framework of the limitation in mania control.

-The calculation of the coefficient of friction runway surface conditions in accordance with international rules, or calculation of compliance with the criteria of control.

-Passenger acceptance and the study and analysis of complaints.

-Except Scheduled flights, acceptance of the granting of the permit requests for permission.

-Control of legislation remain up to date and ensure that you maintain the most healthy way.


Aerodome Operations Manager

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